Payment Rates

HMBSC pays referees at the conclusion of each game. The pay rates per game are outlined below:

Length of Half Age Group Referee Rate Assistant Referee Rate
25 minutes U9-U10 $30 per match n/a
30 minutes U11-U12 $35 per match $30 per match
35 minutes U13-U14 $40 per match $35 per match
40 minutes U15-U16 $70 per match $40 per match
45 minutes U17-U19 $70 per match $45 per match


Ask, Tell, Remove Policy

Management of the Technical Area or Bench Area

Cancellation Policy

Referee Assignor must be notified 96 hours before game day for cancellation or reschedule to avoid charges. If not notified 96 hours before game day, the assigned referees will be paid the current rate for the game.

Send Off Reports

All send off reports must be filed with the appropriate league within 24 hours. If you need to file a send off report, please follow the links below:

CalNorth Referee Procedures

NorCal Premier Referee Procedures - see section 4.4 of the NorCal Premier Team Handbook

Match Assignments

For all match assignments, please log on to PENSRA. All Match reports must be filed in PENSRA in a timely manner. NOTE: If you are new and you are not yet registered, visit to register. Once registered, log in, navigate to Home -> Referee:FAQ to learn how the site works and how to request assignments.

Become a Licensed Referee

To become a USSF Licensed Referee for competitive youth soccer, it is necessary to first take the entry level grade 8 referee course and pass the certification test.. If you are interested in obtaining your license, please visit the following site for upcoming classes: California North Referee Association (CNRA).

Registration Renewal

To renew your annual USSF Referee Registration please visit the California North Referee Administration Registration Page.