Mission, Philosophy, Bylaws

Mission: It is our mission to provide young athletes in our community the opportunity to develop
their passion for soccer, athletic skills and sportsmanship in a safe, positive, and
competitive atmosphere. We will support them in becoming good athletes, students,
and citizens.

Philosophy: The intent of the Half Moon Bay Soccer Club (HMBSC) program is to identify and
develop the best youth soccer players in our community. The HMBSC is dedicated to
developing not only the player’s soccer skills but to achieve it in an atmosphere of
integrity, fairness and impartiality. The player’s physical and cognitive skills and attitude
are the criteria considered for the program.

Participating in the HMBSC is the choice of a soccer player and his or her family, who
wish to take on the challenge to experience the climb to the next level of competitive
play and development. Personal commitment to yourself and the program is one you
make with your family, and serious thought should be given to whether you have the
time and drive to meet your personal soccer goals.

The HMBSC coaches, staff and Board of Directors are here to help you succeed, foster
your growth and support you in your decisions as a player and community member of a
successful and competitive soccer program.

Bylaws: Read here.

Boys and Girls Club: Half Moon Bay Soccer Club is part of the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside. Learn More Here.