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Below, find the right age group for your child. Numbers indicate birth year. For example, HMBSC 01G play in a division of girls born no earlier than 2001. We can arrange a tryout for any team after talking with you and the coach. Please send us a note! If your child is too young for a team, click here for information about our Juniors Program!

Half Moon Bay Soccer Club

Name Manager Schedule
HMBSC 01G Diane Harris  Schedule
HMBSC 02B Mutiny John Dempsey  Schedule
HMBSC 99B Piranhas Debbie Pollard  Schedule
HMBSC 05B Black Terri Eckert  Schedule
HMBSC 06B Black Karen Sansot  Schedule
HMBSC 04G Black Ruth Taillon  Schedule
HMB Soccer Club Board Terri Eckert  Schedule
HMBSC 03B Val Dubois  Schedule
HMBSC 06G John Minkstein  Schedule
HMBSC 07B Black Geronimo Jimenez  Schedule
HMBSC 06B White ConnieAlice Hungate  Schedule
Team Managers Terri Eckert  Schedule
HMBSC 08B Black Kerri Conlon  Schedule
HMBSC 09B Hannah Murtha  Schedule
HMBSC 08G Black Krissi Rolleri  Schedule
HMBSC 07G Black Keith Gress  Schedule
HMBSC Coaches John Minkstein  Schedule
Juniors John Minkstein  Schedule
2018-19 New Players Terri Eckert  Schedule
HMBSC 10B  Schedule